Openings available for Parker Summer Camp

Thursday, May 31st, 2012
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By Lisa Marie Dahm
North Hawaii News

Still frantically searching for a fun, educational summer camp for your school age children? The Parker School Summer Camp, in Waimea, may be able to save the day.

The eight-week program is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., June 4 to July 27, and is divided into three camps to give students a variety of activities and learning opportunities.

The first four weeks will be an “Arts and Athletics Camp” with Heidi Buscher, middle and upper school arts teacher, and Ceri Whitfield, athletics director. The next two weeks will be a “Nature and Hawaiian Camp” with Christian Ingalls, first grade teacher, and Susan Rickards, middle and upper school science and Hawaiian history teacher. The final two weeks will be a “Science and Fine Arts Camp” with Ingalls and Maren Oom, fine arts director.

Students are in three age groups: a 5- and 6-year-old group, a 7- through 9-year-old group and 10- through 14-year-old group.

According to Jon Vedelli, Parker School business manager, each camp will mix outdoor activities with indoor, focused projects.

“It will offer a great blend of summer time fun, but still have Parker’s underlying commitment to academic excellence,” Vedelli said.

According to Vedelli, the Arts and Athletics Camp will offer interesting art projects and a variety of sports, such as street hockey, tennis, Zumba, hip-hop lessons and even a circus tricks segment.

“They’ll have fun playing different sports that they don’t do regularly,” Vedelli said.

Vedelli said that in the Nature and Hawaiian Camp, students will have an opportunity to go on expeditions off campus, with field trips down to the beach to examine tide pools. He said the Science and Fine Arts Camp will be “fresh and fun” and students will have the chance to explore activities such as astronomy, costume design, dance and musical theater.

“It’s a good opportunity for physical activity and learning,” Vedelli said.

He also said the camp will give students a chance to meet new friends their own age and to re-connect with students they may know from sports or preschool days.

Cost is $200 per week, which includes snacks and camp t-shirt. There are multi-week and sibling discounts available. For more information contact the business office at 885-6803 or visit