Free financial literacy courses for teachers

Thursday, February 16th, 2012
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Free financial literacy courses for teachers

Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union recently partnered with Banzai, an award-winning financial literacy curriculum, to provide full financial literacy courses to teachers. Banzai is a web-based tool for teaching financial literacy to middle and high school students.

Teachers can register through HCFCU’s Banzai website where they can enroll their students to the online program. The web-based course allows students to login wherever they have internet access and gives teachers the ability to track their student’s progress. Banzai uses life scenarios to put students in the driver’s seat to take them through budgeting, paying bills, medical emergencies, auto insurance, and more. Once a student has completed the online courses, they can continue to benefit from Banzai through the online budgeting tool indefinitely.

HCFCU is offering Banzai to expand their current financial literacy initiatives in Hawaii’s community schools in order to better prepare children for a brighter financial tomorrow. For information visit

Parker celebrates 100th day of school

Parker School kindergarten, first, and second grade classes celebrated their 100th day of school February 3. To mark this numerical milestone, the students enjoyed counting activities and games, and a parade in which they wore clothing showcasing 100 items of various sorts. Shirts with 100 pom poms attached or 100 paperclips or 100 dinosaur cutouts, and hairdos with 100 ribbons were proudly worn.

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