Education Center Opens at Ula La‘au Nature Park

  • Leningrad Elarionoff introduced Waimea Outdoor Circle President Cheryl Langton at the blessing of Ula La‘au Nature Park’s Education Center on April 9. (PHOTO BY MARIE FELLENSTEIN HALE | SPECIAL TO NHN)
  • Current and past Waimea Outdoor Circle presidents include Arlene Block, Kathrin “Chacha” Kohler, Cheryl Langton and Malia Mangarin Kitchen, pictured here. (PHOTO BY MARIE FELLENSTEIN HALE | SPECIAL TO NHN)
  • Waimea Outdoor Circle member Kathrin “Chacha” Kohler and community members helped bless the Education Center by dipping their hands in Waimea stream water and putting handprints on the columns. (PHOTO BY MARIE FELLENSTEIN HALE | SPECIAL TO NHN)

Waimea community members gathered at a blessing of the new Education Center on Saturday, April 9 at Ula La‘au Nature Park, located behind Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Headquarters. The ceremony was held at the Center’s pavilion that will be a venue for classes, workshops and special Waimea Outdoor Circle events and programs.

The structure was designed by local architect Paul Donoho and made possible through the donations and support of members and volunteers. Following the blessing, the Outdoor Circle held their annual Spring Plant Sale and Seed Exchange.

For more information about future classes, workshops or events, go to

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