A birthing experience

Danielle Downey, her husband Massimo Falsini and baby, Enea. (PHOTO BY LANDRY FULLER)

A birthing experience

Waimea resident Danielle Downey gave birth to an 8.8-pound baby boy at NHCH on April 14. She joined the program in mid-pregnancy and says she’s grateful for the care she received during the months prior at the hospital’s Waimea Women’s Center.

“The midwifery program has been really wonderful,” Downey said. “It seems more holistic and less invasive than the hospital where I had my first child in Italy, which was much more medical. Here the doctors are available, supportive and flexible if you want to birth without medicine and minimally invasive. I felt a genuine respect and support for my birthing choices from the midwives, doctors and nurses.”

The program treats the whole process. “They treat you not just physically but emotionally … how you feel about it,” she said. “It’s nice to have females surrounding you.”

The staff spends quality time with all expecting mothers. “They try to have you meet all the midwives so you know whoever will be on call when it’s time for your delivery,” Downey said. “It’s comforting and relaxed there. They create a birthing plan with anything specific that you want or don’t want. You can bring whatever you like to set up the environment.”

A week after her delivery, looking back on her experience Downey commented, “What will forever stay with me is the sage, experience-based assistance the midwives presented, and the honor demonstrated toward the child as his needs superseded any hospital timetables or staff shirts. Every family deserves a birth of such dignity.”

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