Women’s March was about standing up

Dottie Duncan’s letter Jan. 21 is typical of the Republican’s misguided view of anyone who opposes our new president. She is willfully wrong about the rally (rather than protest) by women and men on Jan. 21.

It was not intended to spread hate, as she suggests, but is exactly the opposite — to bring women’s issues to the forefront again and remind everyone that women’s rights and issues are alive and well and important. I can guarantee that the participants of the rally do all the things Dottie suggests — help wounded veterans, volunteer at children and veteran hospitals, baby-sit for their grandchildren and single mothers, etc.

Women are the nurturers of society and just because they choose to be a part of a peaceful rally does not mean they aren’t aware of the “real world” as Dottie suggests. Fortunately, being part of a democratic society we are allowed to have differing views. I feel that when someone such as Dottie with a different view says it has to be my way or the highway by stating, “I’m so disgusted with people … flapping their mouths” because these people don’t agree with your way of thinking, is very undemocratic and misguided.

When she states that we should let the president do his job, it’s almost laughable — like how the Republicans let our departed president do his job? Our new president wants to “make America great again?” Well, I believe America has always been great through the hard work of the past Republican and Democratic presidents. Yes, there have been bumps in the road but we are still the strongest and best country in the world because of our democratic system of government.

This new president has brought the office of the presidency to a new low as far as respectfulness and civility for the highest office in the land. I have always respected and shown respect for the office of the presidency no matter whether the president is a Republican or Democrat and I agree that doesn’t seem to be the case now.

Remember Dottie, the Democrats won the popular vote by 3 million votes, throw in the independents and Green Party’s 7 million votes and you have 10 million Americans who voted against our president. So when people “flap their mouths,” it is for good reason and those people doing the flapping should not be made to feel less American.

Linda Hale is a resident of Kealakekua

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