Two-part sauerkraut community workshop coming to Mala’ai Garden

WAIMEA — On April 8 from 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Maddy Sofranac — an avid fermenter who views lacto-fermentation of local veggies as healthy for the immune systems — will share recipes, techniques and health benefit information at a special workshop open to the public.

Attendees are asked to each bring two wide-mouthed jars and veggies, such as cabbage and carrots in addition to other items that will be available, to make their own kraut to take home.

At a second workshop on April 22, participants will taste and troubleshoot kraut.

Both workshops are free for students, families, faculty and staff of Waimea Middle School, Waimea Elementary School and Kanu o Aina, or $20 per person for all others. Mala’ai is an organic learning garden on the WMS campus. Parking is available. It is suggested to bring weather protection in case of rain or wind.

The workshops are hosted by Mala’ai: The Culinary Garden of Waimea Middle School and the Atherton Family Foundation.

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