Laughter Therapy 1-31-17

Would you believe that I have nothing political today? Well, if you do, then buy that bridge in San Francisco that I am selling! LOL?

No question that all of you are aware of the successful Women’s March on Washington that was held all over the USA, including several places here on the Big Island. It was a mission of unity, an opportunity to lead and birth some healing in this nation. It spoke of an opportunity for women to take our anger or fear and turn it into action and passion. So now, I share with you some of the thousands of comical signs carried by the marchers: There Will Be Hell Toupee … We Shall Overcomb … on an image of President Trump as a scarecrow: If He Only Had A Brain! … Melania — Blink Twice If You Need Help! …an older woman’s sign: “I Can’t Believe I’m Still Protesting This S—-” … on needlepoint: I Made This So I Could Stab Something 35,000 Times … and my favorite: There’s So Much Wrong It Cannot Fit On This Sign!

Dog ad in the newspaper with a cute dog photo: This is Lexi. She’s an 8-week-old German Shepard. I bought Lexi as a surprise for my wife, but it turns out she is allergic to dogs but never told me. So, we are now looking to find her a new home. She is 59 years old, a beautiful and caring woman who drives, is a great cook and keeps a great house!

A policeman stops a speeding car and tells the woman driver, “When I saw you driving down the road I thought to myself, ‘65 … at least.” “Sixty five?” shrieks the woman. “Yes, 65!” he responds. “I don’t think that is quite fair. I think this hat makes me look older!”

The first time my friend’s son was on a bike with training wheels, I shouted, “Step back on the pedals and the bike will brake!” He nodded but still rode straight into a bush. “Why didn’t you push back on the pedals like I told you?” my friend asked him while helping him up. His son replied, “You said if I did that, the bike would break!”

You might have to read this one twice: People say that there is no difference between the words “finished” and “complete.” But I say there is … Marry the right person, and you are complete. Marry the wrong person, and you are finished!

This last one is about an email virus, for all my friends and readers born prior to 1960! And yes, I know you are out there. This virus causes you to send the same email twice.

It causes you to send a blank email, or one to the wrong person. It causes you to forget the attachment, or to hit “send” before you’ve finished. It causes you to hit “delete” instead of “send” and worse, it causes you to hit “send” when you should “delete!” It is called the “C-Nile Virus!”

One last “sign of laughter” by a restroom in a department store: “Toilet out of order, please use floor below.”

Be well, my friends … do kind acts … Aloha, a hui hou.

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