‘Canoe Plant Food & Medicine’ presentation offered in North Kohala

‘Canoe Plant Food &Medicine’ presentation offered in North Kohala

One Island Sustainable Living will host the talk on April 17 at 6:30 p.m at North Kohala Public Library. The program will include a slide show, food tasting and recipe sharing.

Hawaiian heritage plants brought by the early Polynesian settlers to the islands as sources of food and medicine are legacy plants with culinary and healing uses today. One Island is raising awareness of island grown canoe crops to help build appreciation, grow consumer demand and encourage local farmers and gardeners to increase production.

Recipes are currently being collected to share at the event. They must must include at least one canoe plant: taro, sweet potato, breadfruit, coconut, banana, turmeric, kukui, kava, pia or noni.

Submit recipes and images online at: www.oneisland.org/hawaii/recipe-contest or email to hawaii@oneisland.org

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